Thursday, February 21, 2008

What if My People?

What if all My people prayed and called on My name?
What if all My people walked in love one toward
another? What if they read My word each day and
dug deeply into it? What if? What would happened
if they prayed for the sick?

What would happened if all gave into the Kingdom?
What if all were in the place I have called them to
be? What if? What if they saw Me as I am? What
if they knew I am a Holy God? What if all My
children walked in unity one with the other?
What if? What if I was number one in all my
children's lives? What if My people that are
called by My named humbled themselves and
prayed, and turned from their wicked ways?

What if intercession was going forth day and
night by those called to intercede. What if you
did all I have called you to do today? Search
your hearts and know that I am God and
calling you to serve Me fully today.