Thursday, February 28, 2008

Shout and the Walls Will Come Down

It is time. It is time. It is time to get angry at
the enemy and tear down the walls.
Children it is time to tear down the walls the enemy
has built in your life.
As the children of Israel came against the walls
of Jericho so I would have you to come against
the walls the enemy has build up in your life.
Go forward at My command and do that which
I tell you.
I will give you wisdom to know how to combat
the enemy and take the walls down.
Shout to the Lord. Shout and praise My name.
For no one goes into battle without praise in their
Worship Me. Lift up your hands and magnify
My Holy Name.
I am the Lord of Hosts and worthy to be praised.
As you praise and worship, dance and sing and
call on Me the walls will come down in My name.
Again, I say, wait on Me.
Move forward at My command and take down
the walls of the enemy.
Then build up the hedge so that he
can no longer come into your camp.
Build it up through prayer and intercession and
obedience to My Word.
Rejoice this day and serve Me with gladness
for I am the Lord and have not forgotten you.
Again I say, rejoice in the Lord.