Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Know Me!


Know Me!

Oh that my people would praise my name for I am worthy to be praised. Oh that my people would call on me for I would answer them. Oh that my people would read My word and then they would see me and walk in holiness. Oh that my people would see and know that I am God. That my people might know me in the power of my resurrection and the fellowship of my sufferings. Oh that my people would know me. Know me.

3 From the rising of the sun to its going down
The LORD’s name is to be praised. (NKJV)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Contending For The Faith

Contending For The Faith

The days of great contending are here. You are battling for the faith of your fathers.  Abraham stood, the prophets of old stood at great cost and you are no different.  My Word will sustain you through the most difficult of times.  My Word is your help and strength, indeed it is your healing.  Stand fast beloved and do not be moved but contend for the faith today.

Believe me for great things and do not back down but hold your position and I will show you when to press in and take more ground away from the enemy. He has no right to you!  He has no hold on you!  You are free in Christ!!!  Believe My Word and do not look at your situation.  Look to me the author and finisher of your faith.

The apostles of old stood.  You will stand against all odds.  Take the sword of the Lord and fight with it.  Wield it with power.  It is a sharp sword and I will sharpen that which is within you even further.  I am the sword so spend much time in My presence.  I am the one that will refresh in you the tactics to fight.  The armor of God is what protects you so do all that you know in your heart to do, praying in the spirit at all times.  It will lift you up, it will bring revelation, and you will be strengthened.

Above all do not fear.  This is but one tactic of the enemy.  Cover yourself and others with the blood of Jesus.  Fight the good fight of faith and lay hold on eternal life.  The greatest battle ever is yet to come, even at the door so contend daily in the little battles, for the bigger ones will bring victory and you will take the spoils of the enemy as you will will have learned to contend in the small ones.  

Pay attention maintaining health of body, soul and spirit for you will prosper and be in good health even as your soul prospers.  Rest in me for all that you need and do not be moved from your position seated in the heavenlies far above all principalities and powers.  Maintain the rest spoken of by me in My Word and fear lest you do not enter it.  Surrender all to me, all that you own, all that you are and even your ministry need to be on the altar to me.  Indeed I am the head of every ministry in the body of Christ and without me in the center you have no ministry.  Minister out of relationship, fire and love for Jesus for without me your ministries will be powerless.  I am the power for I am on the throne.  Allow me the pre-eminence and do not touch My glory.  I will do much with each one of you as you give me all the glory.  I am the glory do not touch it and do my prophets no harm.

Rise up in praise and worship for it will elevate you above all your problems for I inhabit the praises of My people.  I live in your praises.  Exalt me in all situations.  Be aware of what is going on inside you and give no place to the enemy.  Contend beloved children, contend for the faith. The river of life is within you. Keep it flowing by being filled with my word, prayer, praise and intercession, drinking daily from that river.

There are those of you that drink little and that is why you have little power.  There is healing in that river of life for your bodies, refreshing for your soul and your spirit will soar like an eagle if you would but drink.  Come to the river, come for I am calling you to dine at my table.  Come and sit with me for I would be your Father, and I would comfort you as a mother comforts her children.  Come to me and do not delay nor be stubborn but come to me, now.

Tides of refreshing will flow as you run to me.  Prepare in the spiritual for it is first and foremost and then prepare in the natural as I speak into your spirit.  Much is out there online and if my children would heed me as much as they heed the words of others they would do well.  Many do not know My voice and are floundering.  Know My voice for my sheep know me.  Beloved children, know me and do not follow the voice of another.  It is with much contending that you will lay hold on eternal life.  Take time to know me.