Friday, March 7, 2008

It Is Required of a Steward That A Man Be Found Faithful

God is looking for faithfulness and calling you to be
faithful. He is looking in this hour for faithfulness.
Continue to walk forward in faith and put total trust
in the Lord and believe Him for the things that He
has spoken to you. The Lord will never fail you.
Jesus never fails and not one word of Gods promises
will fail. Many are going through great trials and
testings but know this. At the end of your trials
you will come out pure gold. You will be Christlike
and Jesus will be seen in you. Though the tests
for the moment do not seem pleasant God is
working in you a far more eternal weight of glory.
Just allow the Lord to work in you and do not
struggle. Just rest in His hands and allow Him
to take you and mould you into His image.
How awesome to be formed into the image of God.
You are perfect now because of the blood of
Jesus but are being conformed to the image of
His dear Son. We often sing, O To be like Jesus
but do we truly mean it from the bottom of our
hearts. Lets mean it today when we ask the
Lord to work in our hearts. Let us mean it and
say, Lord change Me.