Monday, March 31, 2008

No Regrets

That moment came all too quickly with a phone call around five o'clock
in February, 2007 and it was to be one that would forever change our
lives. My Dad died that early morning of a heart attack. He was well
to the end of his life. To say the least, it was a shock to our natural
senses and yet not a surprise as the Lord had been preparing me for
seven years. How like God to gently,ever gently prepare His children
for what would soon occur.

Relationships can change in moments and this is why it is so very
important to love as Christ loved. We do not know what tomorrow
holds. Christ holds our future and we need to be ready at all times
to meet our maker. If you have difficulty with your love walk it is
time to make it right with those around you and not put it on hold.
I am ever grateful to God that I had a loving relationship with my
Dad and no regrets. If you have any things you have yet to take care
of do not wait. Let the Lord help you to reconcile the differences.
A phone call, a letter, a sit down together and a willingness to be
the first one to say sorry can make a big difference.
Do not put off till tomorrow what you can do today. Your words can
make the difference.

Learn to Laugh

Continue to seek Me and believe Me
for great and wonderful things. Keep
your eyes fixed on Me and do not take
your eyes off me but stay alert. I will
show you things to come that are wonderful
and even those things that you have asked
of Me I shall do. Just continue to trust
Me and watch Me work in your midst.
Learn to laugh at the little things that
so irritate you and this shall thwart the
enemy as he tries to cause disturbance.
Your laughter will defeat Him as you
praise My Holy name.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Is The Dross Coming to the Top?

Beloved, rejoice in all the fiery trials that you are going through.
You are going through them for a reason.
The dross is coming to the top.
What the enemy means for evil I always turn for good so
know that his plans will be thwarted every time.
I have all things under My feet and that is where
you must leave them.
My Word is forever settled in heaven.
Rejoice this day for you were made in My image and
you are a child of the King.
Rejoice and do not allow your soul to be downcast
but speak to it and tell it to line up with My Word.
Yes, use the authority given you and speak to all
that is not in line with My Word.
As you speak it must line up.
Speak faith filled Word and it will like up.
According to your faith be it unto you.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Take Time to Soak In His Presence

When you are too tired it is difficult to
do things well. You need to come aside and
just spend time with the lover of your soul.
Jesus is calling and saying "it is time to
come aside and spend time with me". You need
to take time to just be with him put on some
good soaking music and enjoy the quiet
peace that soaking brings. It is worth it to
just take time with Him and enjoy Him for
who He is. Come aside today and enjoy the
lover of your soul. He is waiting for you.

The Finishing Touch

The Master finisher reaches out
with His nail scarred hand and
applies the finishing touch,
to the now older man who has served
Him so well, and has learned to
lean on Him much.
Each final stroke He makes, very
patiently, He cuts and chisels and
strokes and polishes each little flaw.
Ever so tender is the masters touch,
He misses not one of the flaws.
He stops and looks at it lovingly
his vessel He has formed.
Patiently, carefully He puts it
Until that future morn.
When one last time,
In picking it up,
His reflection He now does see.
It's time now to bring My
vessel home, to My Fathers house
in Eternity.

Patricia Hamel (c) February 7, 2000

Feed My Sheep

Come aside and wait on Me and I will
give you food to feed My sheep.
Wait in My presence and I will give
you fresh manna daily for those that
are mine.
Worship Me, praise Me, delight yourself
before Me and I will give you food to
feed My sheep.
If you really love Me,
Feed My sheep.

Walk Softly Before Me

Walk Softly before Me.
Speak softly before Me.
Let your Words be few.
Allow the horses bit to be in your mouth
and I will use you as one to speak My Words.
Tread lightly and allow My sweet presence
to permeate your very being.
I will fill you with My presence.
Soft Words, sweet words, heavenly words
will flow from sanctified lips as you walk
softly before Me.

For we all stumble in many things.
If any one does not stumble in word,
He is a perfect man, able to bridle the
whole body.
James 3:2 (NKJV)

Monday, March 24, 2008

I Am Your Friend

I will lead you. I will guide you until you go home.
Trust Me. Trust in Me and do not look back. Look
forward to what I will do in you. Trust in Me
precious one. I am your Father, your redeemer your
friend. Trust in Me till the very end. My love
will never leave you. I am your best friend.

Friday, March 21, 2008

A Job Well Done

I’m sure many a mother must ask:
“How did I get here?
Where did this job come from?
It’s so overworked and so underpaid;
There are so little thanks,
There are noses to wipe,
Dirty hands on the walls,
Crying voices, never a moment to be alone”
Dirty dishes in an empty kitchen,
All have run off as soon as the food is gone.
Finally, night comes and I am alone,
Things are tidy once again,
Only to start over the next day to the same routine,
Where I ask is the thanks?
Does anyone see what I am doing?
Does anyone care?
I hear a still small voice saying,
“My child, I know you are here,
For this is where I have called you.
Your work is my work,
Your reward you will have some day,
I thank you for serving me in this way;
Each nose you wiped, you did it unto Me.
The times you wanted to be alone.
I was there to help you.
The kitchen…empty after a meal?
Mother it was not empty, for I was there with you.
I did not run off and leave you,
The thanks, my child is in your hands,
Do you see what you did today?
You cared…and Mother,
You did a job well done.

Patricia Hamel © 1980

Lay Aside the Good Thing for the Best

From God's Heart to Yours

It seems beloved that the days are extremely difficult and that there is a sense
of hopelessness surrounding you. Do not despair and do not give up. It is
imperative at this time that you come aside for I am calling you into intercession
and this is the feeling of despair that you are feeling. It will only be released as
you press in and intercede and do that which I have called you to do. Press in
and take time and put aside all things to get into My presence. I have much to
tell you and you will miss what I am saying unless you are willing to sacrifice
even those things that are good. Lay aside the good thing for the best. The
best is time in My presence.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Do Not Worry About Tomorrow


Do not worry about tomorrow but prepare your
hearts today.
Spend time with Me and fellowship with one
Love one another with a pure heart fervently.
Think on things that are good and pure and
Sufficient today is the evil. Trust Me for all
things and surrender all to Me.
Put your lives in My hands and know that I
am the Lord and do all things well.
I am the righteous one and do not err but am
standing at the door of man's hearts knocking.
Lead them to Me and teach them that I am
the only way of salvation.
There is no other name under heaven where
man can be saved.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Beginning of Sorrows

The beginning of sorrows is here. You have not yet seen
what I will do with the one that will whole heartedly serve
Me. I will do above all you would ask or hope for. I will take
you and use you as a sharp threshing instrument in My hand.
I will use you and you will overcome the powers of darkness.

Yes, you will overcome them in My name. Do not allow the foe
to lie and tell you that you cannot do all things through Christ.
I give you the strength and the power and there is power in
My name over all power of the enemy. I say that there shall
be tribulation but I over came the world. I over came all and
you too shall overcome all and take the city for Me. Take back
all that the enemy has stolen. Take out your sword and take
back your children. Take back your cities and towns and take
all that your eye sees.

You are more than a conqueror and I would have you to take
it back. For too long My children have not taken Me at My
Word but believe Me for My Words sake. My Word is truth
and in it there is no lie. Take it back in My name. Stand in
My name. Take back all that has been stolen from the
children of God.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Jesus is Lord

I am Lord of your mountain tops and Lord of your
valleys. You have a mixture in your life. One day you
will need to climb and the other day you will need to
learn to rest even in the valley. It is there that you
grow. If you had your choice you would live on the
mountain top but you would not grow there. That is
why you are going through tests that make you dig
deeper into the luscious fertile valley and find Me.
Dig into My Word and find Me there even in the
difficult season of your life. I am Lord of your
mountain top experiences and Lord of the valleys
that you go through. I will bring you through all
of these experiences and not one is without great
value in the school of learning. Daily you are
learning new things. Though they are simple
there are new lessons to be learned from each
experience. Rejoice in the Lord always and again
I say rejoice for I Jesus am Lord of your mountain
tops and Lord of your valleys. I am there in each
one and will never forsake or leave you.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Discern My Voice

There are so many voices in this hour. Some of
them are speaking louder than others. Many of
the voices are genuine voices from Holy Spirit and
then there are voices that are speaking things from
the enemy to cause confusion to the true prophetic
voice. Discern My voice. Come aside and spend
time at My feet and hear the still small voice of God.
Do not accept a word just because it is from this one
or that one but try every spirit and test every word.
All Words need to be judged. Did I not say that if
possible even the very elect could be fooled. Come
aside with Me and spend time with Me and you
will not be among those that are deceived.
I will open your eyes and your ears and speak into
your heart by My Spirit and you will know the voice
of the Lord.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Guard Your Joy


The joy of the Lord is your strength. Guard you
joy and do not loose it. Trials are on all sides but
I am there with you. Worship Me. In doing so the
joy of the Lord will be every flowing within your
heart. My joy is your strength.

Speak Without Fear

Yes, beloved. I spoke of the last days and the end of
times and you are living in the end time. Many are
in deep denial but you are living in the last days.
Be alert, be prayerful, and interceeding and do not
back down. Stand firm in what you believe and know
that I am coming soon. You have much work to do
and most of that is in the prayer closet as My intercessor
and speaking My Words to My people. They are
in deep need of hearing truth. The pure truth of
My word needs to be flowing through My prophets
without fear of man. You must be willing to speak
My truth at all times and not fear for it will bring
a snare. Root out any fear that may be laying there
and stand fearless before Me and before the people.
Do not worry about their faces but speak it forth
exactly as I give it to you. My love will cover you
and in the end the price paid will be little compared
to what is reaped for My Kingdom.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Be Free from Anxiety


Are you anxious? The opposite of being anxious is to
trust Me. Do not worry about anything but totally
trust in Me that I will be all that you need in the days
ahead. Have I not guided you each step of the way.
Will I not continue to lead you home? Keep your
eyes on Me. Do not look at your situation? Look
to Me the author and the finisher of your faith.
Complete trust in Me will remove all fear and know
that My love will keep you where all else fails.
Know My love for you paid the price for freedom
from all that is coming against you. Walk in the
freedom I bought and paid for today. Whom the
Son sets free is free indeed.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Fathers Heart

The Fathers heart is ever drawing with cords
of love. He is always speaking and never sleeping
but listening and waiting for His children to come
closer. Do you want your children to come closer
to you? Do you want to see your little ones come
running to you? So it is with the Father's love.
He is waiting for you with open arms today. Come
running. Come joyfully. Come with expectation
and jump into the Father's arms. They are open
to you and outstretched in a way that man can
not fully fathom. Come for your Father is waiting.
Come home today.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

I Will Have the Last Say in the Earth

The Word of God is yea and amen. The Word
of God is going to have His way in the earth.
The name of the Lord is going to be glorified,
and all that is not of Him will come down. The
name of the Lord is higher than any other.
The name of the Lord is to be praised and He
will not be defeated. Praise Him My People
for the Lord will have His way. The enemy
will not triumph and the Lord will have His
way in the Nations of the earth. Either they
will bend to the Lord or they will break for
everything that has breath will praise the
Lord. Rejoice people over what I am doing
in the earth. Though the earth shake and
roar do not be troubled but pray. Though
all shake and shake and shake donot be
afraid at what I am doing. Am I not the Lord
and doing a just thing. Out of judgment
will always come those that turn their hearts
to Me. I am calling out a people that will serve
me wherever I call them. My Bride wears
army boots and I am calling you forth to do
battle and win. Do not think defeat. Think
victory. Praise Me through all of your trials.
Put on the garment of praise for the spirit
of heaviness. All shall know that I am the Lord
from the least to the greatest. All shall know
that I am the God of Heaven and earth and
the soon coming King. Do not back up. Do not
retreat. In the good timesturn to Me. In the
difficult times praise Me. In those tough times
press into Me for you have been called to do
battle and it is an honor to serve Me. Rejoice
that you have been called in this hour to serve
Me. Serve Me with gladness and let a song arise
in your heart today.

Let My People Go

The Lord is saying it is time to declare to the
enemy. Let My people go. He is saying it is time
to declare through out the earth that the Lord
will do a thing and it will come to pass. God is
saying Let My people go. He is saying to rise up
and speak this word and expect that it shall
happen. Declare over your family that they
shall be freed from all yoke of bondage. Let
My People go. As Moses declared the Word
of the Lord before Pharaoh I say to you declare
before the enemy, let My people go. There is
power in the spoken Word. There is the power
in decreeing a thing in the spirit and it is time
for you to declare that you will no longer accept
the garbage of the enemy but declare that the
enemy must let them go, in Jesus name. You
have been given the power to break chains.
You have been given the power to break
curses,You have been given authority in My
name to declare Let My people go. I say to
you tell the enemy to go of whatever I have
given to you. Do not accept his bondage but
in Jesus name He must let My people go. It is
time for the church to arise and declare in
unison, let My people go.

I Will Hold Your Hand

Today I am holding your right hand.
Do not allow worry or fear to deter you in
your day. I the Lord am upholding you
with the right hand of My righteousness.
Alll that you accomplish will be of Me, says
the Lord.
It will not be done in your own strength but
in mine and then I will receive the glory.
In your own self you can do nothing but in
Christ you are able to do all things well. I
am holding you. Fear not. Go forward
allowing Me to hold your hand.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Dream of the United States of America

I was standing in front of a map. It was at the
level as if it were on an easel. All I saw was the
map of the United States of America. Then
water started to flow from the top of it and
cover it and flow downwards and as it got part
way down it went sideways and spread out to
the right to the other states. It moved quickly.

The Drawing of the Holy Spirit

We need to pray for the drawing of the Holy
Spirit in lives. Except the Spirit of God draw
a man he cannot come to the Lord. Pray
today and allow God to use you in intercession
with others. Allow God to use you to see
souls saved. Do you have a burden to see
men and women saved and come to the truth?
We need a burden for souls that only Christ
can give us. Pray today and ask the Lord to
give you a burden for the souls of men.
Too soon time will be up and what you do today
will count for eternity. What you pray today
will reap the eternal reward of seeing that
one come to Christ. He who wins souls is wise.


The bible says so much on being kind to one another.
We are to be tenderhearted and forgive one another
as God for Christ sake forgave you. We are to
to forgive seven times seven which means all the

We need to walk with that charitable spirit and forgive
not just when we feel like it but to forgive all the time.

O for the grace to walk in that kind of forgiveness as
Christ did on this earth.
He is still asking it of His children today.
Let Me ask you this question? Are you kind and
tenderhearted? If not allow Christ to take you and
work in your heart. Let your tongue be the law
of kindness in all that you say. Let us love one another
with a pure heart fervently.
What a beautiful fruit to have developed in ones life.
Let it be your prayer today. Jesus let your kindness
be developed in My life.

Do You Hunger and Thirst For Righteousness?

Are you hungering and thirsting for righteousness.
We are told that we need to be hungering for more
of Him. Are you hungering for more of the Lord
in your life. Are you desiring Him for who He is and
not for what He gives you? This is a soul searching
question but one that needs answering.

Why are you following Jesus? Is for all that He can
give you or is it because you love Him with all your
heart and soul and mind and strength. Jesus told
us to love our neighbor as ourselves. Food for
thought when we do not always have those that
are lovable to love. These are not mine beloved
but the Words of Christ. Indeed with the way the
world is we need to think on these things and
examine our hearts.

We are also to love those in the body of Christ.
God give us love for our brothers and sisters and
let us show love, one to the other. We need to fear
God and in doing so we will have that grace that
is so needed to love unconditionally.

Ask the Lord today for His grace to love
unconditionally and He will give you all that you
need. He has more than enough to give you for
each new day. Have fresh determinatin to go
forward and be that soldier He has called you to
be. Be willing to be a peacemaker and willing also
to say you are sorry. It takes a mature person
to admit they are wrong and say sorry. When
was the last time you apologized without saying
I am sorry but you did this or that. An apology is
I am sorry period. Try it it is good for you in
your walk with the Lord and will strengthen your
walk with Him.

Are You Decreasing?

There is power in the name of Jesus over all
power of the enemy. Jesus has given you
the keys of the kingdom and you have been
given authority in His name. The degree of
authority you walk in will be determined by
your faithfulness in doing what He has asked
you to do. As you are obedient in the little
things that authority will increase. John the
Baptist said, that He must increase and I
must decrease. He was a wise man and the
Words that He spoke were truly inspired
by God. Decrease. Man does not like that
thought but it is the way of the cross. As
you become less and less Christ will become
more and more in you. What a lovely
thought to have less of self and more of
Jesus. Reach out to Him today and allow
Him to work in your heart. One day you
will hear well done thou good and faithful
servant. It will be worth it all on that day
when you hear, well done.

The Fellowship of His Sufferings

No one likes to suffer and it is one part of the
gospel that we do not like to hear. Yet
suffering is part of taking up your cross and
following Jesus. He said to take up your
cross and follow Him. Are you willing to
take up your cross and follow Him? This is
a question that you need to ask yourself.

Are you truly willing to die to yourself, take
up your cross and follow after Jesus. It will
mean dying to all you are or ever will be. It
will mean sacrificing and giving up all to
follow Him.

Search your heart and ask yourself this
question? Am I willing to die to self, take
up your cross and follow Jesus.

Strength for Each New Day

God has given you strength for one day at a time.
You need to put your trust in Him that He will
give you strength to go forward. His grace is
sufficient for you and His strength is made
perfect in your weakness. Do you feel weak
beloved? This is a good place to be for when
you are weak Christ is strong in you. Know
that you can do all things through Christ who
gives you the strength. Do not look at your
own weakness except to say, Lord I need you
to do all and be all in Me. Truly, you can of
your own self do nothing. This is the best
place to be and then you will living where
God intended you to live at the foot of the
cross. So beloved, today, take up you cross
and follow Jesus. He alone is the author and
finisher of your faith.

It Is Required of a Steward That A Man Be Found Faithful

God is looking for faithfulness and calling you to be
faithful. He is looking in this hour for faithfulness.
Continue to walk forward in faith and put total trust
in the Lord and believe Him for the things that He
has spoken to you. The Lord will never fail you.
Jesus never fails and not one word of Gods promises
will fail. Many are going through great trials and
testings but know this. At the end of your trials
you will come out pure gold. You will be Christlike
and Jesus will be seen in you. Though the tests
for the moment do not seem pleasant God is
working in you a far more eternal weight of glory.
Just allow the Lord to work in you and do not
struggle. Just rest in His hands and allow Him
to take you and mould you into His image.
How awesome to be formed into the image of God.
You are perfect now because of the blood of
Jesus but are being conformed to the image of
His dear Son. We often sing, O To be like Jesus
but do we truly mean it from the bottom of our
hearts. Lets mean it today when we ask the
Lord to work in our hearts. Let us mean it and
say, Lord change Me.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Pressing On And Allowing God To Change Us

There are days in our lives when we need to be
fully committed to pressing on to the mark of
the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. There are
moments that life does not always feel good and
things will seem to go contrary to the way that
we would like them to. It is in these days of
testing that we need to be more determined than
ever to press into God, hear what He is saying and
go forward. Today you need to decided to go
forward in your life and not look back. Look at
what the Lord is doing in you and determine
more than ever to serve the Lord. Rest assured
that the Lord is working in you and will have
His way. You will be more Christlike in the end
and your light will shine and glorify your Father
in Heaven.


Rest In Me

Rest in Me this day. I am all that you need.
Walk in quiet confidence knowing that I
am with you and am aware of all that you
In quietness and confidence
will be your strength.
I will supply all your need according to My
riches in glory.
Work with Me and allow Me to help you
in your need.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A Fearless Church

I am bringing forth a church that is filled with faith.
There will be no fear in My church for I am working
to remove all fear from My children's lives. It is time
to walk forward together in faith. Put trust in Me
and allow Me to work within you and bring a new
confidence in the truth that I am your Father and
what man would bring, or the enemy would bring
hold's no weight in your life. Listen to Me. Totally
trust that I the Lord am able to speak into your
life and be all that you need. I am all that you
need to have success in your walk with Me.
Success comes from time with Me and living at
the foot of the cross.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Lean on Me

My strength is available to you. You do not fight
this battle in your own strength. Ask me for grace
in times of weakness and know that as you ask I
will give it to you. My strength will be made perfect
in your weakness. Rely on Me and Me alone to give
you strength today.