Friday, March 7, 2008

Do You Hunger and Thirst For Righteousness?

Are you hungering and thirsting for righteousness.
We are told that we need to be hungering for more
of Him. Are you hungering for more of the Lord
in your life. Are you desiring Him for who He is and
not for what He gives you? This is a soul searching
question but one that needs answering.

Why are you following Jesus? Is for all that He can
give you or is it because you love Him with all your
heart and soul and mind and strength. Jesus told
us to love our neighbor as ourselves. Food for
thought when we do not always have those that
are lovable to love. These are not mine beloved
but the Words of Christ. Indeed with the way the
world is we need to think on these things and
examine our hearts.

We are also to love those in the body of Christ.
God give us love for our brothers and sisters and
let us show love, one to the other. We need to fear
God and in doing so we will have that grace that
is so needed to love unconditionally.

Ask the Lord today for His grace to love
unconditionally and He will give you all that you
need. He has more than enough to give you for
each new day. Have fresh determinatin to go
forward and be that soldier He has called you to
be. Be willing to be a peacemaker and willing also
to say you are sorry. It takes a mature person
to admit they are wrong and say sorry. When
was the last time you apologized without saying
I am sorry but you did this or that. An apology is
I am sorry period. Try it it is good for you in
your walk with the Lord and will strengthen your
walk with Him.