Monday, February 18, 2008

The Testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy

The words that I speak are never without hope. The
testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of prophecy. A
prophetic word will always testify of Me. Discern
what is coming through all the words that you read.
All words need to be judged. You need to judge all
words so that you are not deceived in this hour. The
spirit of anti-christ is alive and well and it is for this
reason that My children need to discern.

The enemy often mixes truth and error together. I
would have my children rise to even greater levels of
faith in this hour and though the times are becoming
darker and darker I am getting brighter and brighter
in you.

There are many words of doom and gloom spoken
but My words will always give hope. There is hope in
Christ. There is faith in Christ. Learn to judge the
prophetic word and weigh it. Weigh it according to
My Word. Any word that you read will always bring
men to Jesus Christ. The testimony of Jesus is the
Spirit of prophecy. Do you see the testimony of Jesus
in the prophetic words that you read and take in.

Rightly divide the Word of Truth. I am the Spirit of
Truth and will lead and guide you into all truth.
Discern wisely and pray for the discernment of
spirits. This gift as well as the others needs to be
operating in My children. Pray that this gift is
sharpened and until it is honed in sharp within you.

I said that if possible even the very elect would be
fooled. Test and try all things and when you sense
an uneasiness in your spirit realize that it is the
spirit of discernment that is working to reveal My
heart to you. It also reveals the working of the
flesh and the working of the enemy. Test and try
all things and know that the testimony of Jesus
Christ is the spirit of all true prophecy.