Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Is The Church Sleeping in the Light?

There are times when God speaks and God's
people just do not hear. Yes we are human
and at times do tend to have selective hearing.
Our hearing can get us in trouble though
especially when the Lord is talking and we take
and file His words in our unsure column as we
are just not sure it is God. We need to walk in
wisdom and discern the times. We are living in
the last days of time. It is time to open our eyes
and listen with our heart to just what the spirit
is saying to His church. I wept tonight as I was
on a particular place online and I saw that they
were just plainly not seeing what the Lord was
saying. It is so sad that eyes are blind and hearts
are asleep and not seeing what is soon to come.
My heart was crying Lord let them see what you
are saying. Open their eyes that they may see.
So much is coming on the earth and we need to be
seeing and hearing God. Lord wake us up that we
would see and hear what you are saying to your
church. Let this be our cry.