Monday, February 18, 2008

Magnify My Holy Name

Magnify Me, my people, magnify My holy name.
I have a name that is above all names and I am
holy. Lift up your voice unto the King of Kings
and glorify Me with all of your heart. You are
downcast because you are not praising My Holy

Am I not worthy to be praised? Worthy is the
Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world.
I am worthy to be praised. Praise Me My people.
Praise and exalt My holy name. I will be honored.
I will be magnified. It is in your nature, the nature
of Christ to praise Me, for I am the Lord. Hear
Me my beloved. Praise and honor is due My name.

Put on the garment of praise for the spirit of
heaviness. Lift up your voice and see if I do not
move in your life. Praise Me in the good time,
praise Me in the difficult times. Praise Me with
hands lifted without wrath or doubting. I love it
when I see you worshipping Me in the quiet place.
I love to invade your heart and be praised. I would
invade your heart and as I do you will have a deep
desire to praise Me. Look at what I do throughout
the earth. Look at what I am doing in your life.
Taste and see that the Lord is good. I am a good

I deserve to be praised. The rocks will cry out if
My children do not praise Me. If you want to see
Me move, praise Me. If you want to see your life
change, praise Me. If you want to be used by Me,
praise Me. If you want deliverance, praise Me for
I am a God that sets the captives free.

There is freedom in praising My holy name.
There is freedom from depression in praising My
name. Learn to have an attitude of praise and
worship on your lips at all times. Praise comes
heavenward toward Me. It ascends on high. As
you praise Me it releases My ower in your life.
It releases the angels of heaven to act on your
behalf and I send them forth into your praises.

Praise the Lord all you people. Praise and magnify
the Lord. Lift up your hands and your hearts.
Lift up your head you everlasting gates, at the
praises of My people you shall be raised. Exalt
the Lord God with all your heart and let the two
edged sword be in your mouth. You shall do a
new thing as you enter into the high praises of
God. Enter into high praise unto Me even in your

Praise Me in the sanctuary. Praise Me whereever
you go. Praise Me as you set your feet out your
door in the morning. Praise Me as you go about
those needful things and you will see a change from
difficult to easy. Lift up your voice and sing. Lift
up your voice and sing a sweet song unto Me. I
love it when you sing I hear the sweetness of your
voice. It is sweetness to My ear. How I love to
hear you sing a love song to Me. Sing children,
sing, praise Me, children, praise. Lift up your
hands children, lift them up.

Magnify Me, children, magnify Me. Glorify Me
children, glorify Me. Exalt Me children, exalt Me.
Bless My holy name. Bless Me at all times. Let
My praise always be in your mouth. I gave you
a mouth to speak of Me and to sing praise to the
Lord Most High. Rise your hands now, and
praise Me. I am the Lord and worthy to be praised.
Praise Me. With a grateful heart praise My Holy